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Detroit, Michigan
United States


      Hello, my name is James A. Brown. Welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to visit. While I have only been into photography a few years, it has quickly become my life's passion. 

      It all began for me about 5 years ago. I purchased my first point and shoot camera and began taking snapshots at family functions. A couple of years later I discovered slideshows.  Just he thought of being able to bring photographs to life while also telling people's stories fascinated and excited me to no end.  Being able to share these lasting keepsakes that I saw bring so many people so much joy was a truly overwhelming and satisfying feeling.

      Which brings us here.  To a point, place and time in our lives when and where I can share in turning your precious and important moments into a lifelong treasure, that can never be lost or forgotten.


James Brown 


      Hello and welcome to my website. I wanted to take this opportunity to share a little about myself. I am a photographer, self-taught, and developing rapidly.  I am also a slide show producer, and it was in fact my love for setting images to music that made me want to pursue becoming a professional photographer. 

So How Did I Get Here?

      Well, my journey in this field began about 8 years ago.  Around that time I began using my phone to capture snapshots as many of us do.  Even in the low-quality images that many phones offered at that time, I could see a greater potential for images that captured moments, memories and happiness. About a year later while Belle Isle, I remember trying over and over to get some good shots with my phone's camera. Just some flowers and things. It was in the planetarium that day when I first took notice of the guy with the "professional" camera.  I remember liking several shots, but could not help thinking how mush nicer it would have been with a "real" camera, lol. 

      It was then I decided to purchase my first point and shoot.  I then began to take photos at every opportunity. At every family function and trip to the park.  My trips to the zoo began increase in frequency and duration.  Soon, I was carrying my camera with me at all times. family and friends soon began to realize that wherever I was, flashes were not far behind.  I mostly shot from a photo-journalistic standpoint.  I was just capturing life as it happened.  I quickly learned that I could edit and improve images as well as create slideshows.

And That's When The Game Changed

      As much fun as it was to capture and share pictures, setting them to music in the form of a slideshow presented me with a way to make viewing them more enjoyable.  Moreover, it gave me a vehicle to tell the stories of people's lives. A means to reshape the ways they viewed their sometimes seemingly mundane moments.  A re-presenting of the way they saw what seemed typical or uneventful.

      This way of creating keepsake treasures is not only my passion, but a means to share the gift that God has given me.